Occupational Health

Schedule a consultation with our Occupational Health Physician for assessment and management of workplace injuries and illnesses.

Complete Management of any workplace injury or incidents that occur; with our team of Occupational Health Specialists lead by: 

  • Dr. Raveed Khan (MB.BS, MPH, DM, Associate Dean - Occupational Health & Safety; and Chairman Faculty of Medical Sciences Occupational Health & Safety Committee)
  • Dr. Brad Sahadeo (B.Sc., M.B.B.S, Diploma Occupational Med)

Occupational Health Services:

  •         OGUK Medicals
  •         Occupational Health Consults, Assessment and Reporting 
  •     Spirometry (Lung Testing)
  •         Audiometry (Ear Conduction Testing)
  •         Vibration Testing (Hand and Arm) 
  •         Strength Testing
  •         Vision Testing/Screening
  •         Drug and Alcohol Testing
  •         Food Borne Illness Prevention
  •         Disability Assessment
  •         Fit to Work Medicals
  •         Food Badges
  •         Pre-employment Medicals
  •         Health Surveillance
  •         Workplace Assessment/Environmental Risk Assessment
  •         Rehabilitation Services
  •         Post Injury Care