Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-Employment Medicals

HealthDirect Services is a reputable consolidated medical care provider company which partners with a variety of medical professionals, in good medical standing and accreditations to provide expert medical services to industries and groups. All facilities being utilized are verified and accredited to perform such services.

    • Full Laboratory and Blood Testing: full laboratory testing performed by registered phlebotomist or doctor. Samples will be transported with professional cold chain management for processing to accredited laboratories in Trinidad and Tobago in good medical standing. 
    • Clinical examinations: comprehensive medical examination by HDS doctors will include neurological cardiac, respiratory, abdominal and musculoskeletal examination for physical abnormalities, deformities or limitations.
    • Chest X-Ray with Consultant Radiologist Report: upright chest X-Ray images will be taken on site by a professional team utilizing a medically certified X-Ray Devices. These images include production of final images and comprehensive reporting on normal and abnormal findings by Consultant Radiologists. 
    • Electrocardiograph (E.C.G) with Consultant Report: Electrocardiograph will be performed by a registered HDS Medical doctor. This includes providing Tracing and comprehensive reporting on normal and abnormal findings by Consultant Family Medicine Practitioners. If the patient requires Cardiologist Intervention coordination of consultation as well as Case Management will be provided by HDS.
    • Audiograph (Hearing) Test: OGUK grade Audiometry assessment lead by team of Occupational Health Specialists
  • Spirometry Report and Interpretation: OGUK grade spirometry assessment with comprehensive reporting by Occupational Health Specialist Dr Brad Sahadeo
      • Visual Accuracy and Snellen Eye Chart and Ishihara Colour Test: Visual Testing will be performed by a registered Medical doctor. Report will be provided by HDS Medical Doctors on normal and abnormal findings with advice on Next Steps
      • Mantoux Testing 
      • Psychological Evaluation: performed by Specialist Psychiatrist with comprehensive reporting on normal and abnormal findings
      • Gynecological Consultation,  Pelvic Ultrasound and report (Female Only): Full Gynecological Consultation includes Pelvic Ultrasound performed at visit with Registered OBGYN.
      • Dynamic Strength Testing & Physical Competency Testing 
  • Drug Screening and Confirmatory Testing 
  • Additional Services upon request:

    • Cancer Screening: Pap Smear (Females only), Mammogram (Females only), PSAtesting(males >45), 

    Reporting and Presentation:

    Full comprehensive reports are presented to our Corporate and Industrial clients, summarizing all medical testing performed and the results of such and include Medical Recommendations and comprehensive risk analysis for Chronic Disease.

    Urgent and Life-threatening conditions are reported to our clients. Further patient management will be taken on by HealthDirect Services to ensure doctor’s recommendations are being carried out in the patient’s best interest. 

    Details and finalized reports will be presented to our clients with the patient’s consent.